9 Cost-Effective Ways to Ski in New Zealand and Australia

A ski trip in New Zealand or Australia can be costly despite booking cheap flights and hotels. We opt for different flights, hotels, packages, agencies, but still, end up paying way more than what we planned. But there are few effective ways that can cut down your expense without affecting the excitement of your ski strip. People usually overlook these ways as they do not realize the fact that even small savings at several places can make a huge difference on the overall cost of the trip. So, do not forget to try – the following ways this winter before hitting the slopes.

Avoid A Skiing Trip In Peak Season

When you are planning for Ski trip to New Zealand or Australia, you should avoid the peak season that starts from mid-July and ends in August. During this time, you will find a massive crowd in the New South Wales ski resorts, Victorian resorts and the popular New Zealand resorts. Planning your trip in June or September can help you save a lot of money. Just keep your fingers crossed for snowfall in Queensland and New South Wales.

Book Your Hotels Smartly

When you are planning your trip, go to the boutique hotels. And if you want to stay in most popular family ski resorts in Australia, make sure you have made an advance booking. Several resorts in Australia and New Zealand offer cost-effective packages, so booking ahead of time can be extremely beneficial. For instance, ski resorts of The Remarkables and Coronet Peak (both near Queenstown) offer a discount that lasts up to March or April. To get value for money rooms in ski resorts of New Zealand and Australia, do your research thoroughly and in advance.

Plan Your Ski Activity in Mid-Week

If you plan your ski activity in the mid-week, you are most likely to enjoy a cheaper holiday in comparison to the weekends. It has more than one benefit. Apart from availing the ski activity at a lower price, you will also witness fewer crowds that increase the level of enjoyment. For example, Perisher Blue accommodation and Thredbo accommodation (both in Australia) are easier to find if you opt for midweek. Similarly, Coronet Peak accommodation in New Zealand is also comfortable to stay during mid-week.

Select Your Location Wisely

The location where you would ski can make a massive impact on your overall cost. When it comes to lift tickets, some resorts are too expensive in comparison to others. For instance, you can find an adult one-day ski pass at Mt Dobson (in New Zealand) for around NZ$84. But if you go for the Coronet Peak, the amount will increase up to NZ$119 a day. At Thredbo (In Australia), a one-day adult lift ticket is around $135, while the amount is between $70 and $90 at Selwyn, depending on the season. Proper research about your location can save you a lot of money.

Pay Less by Doing More Ski

Before you plan your trip, always remember that lift passes for one day cost you more than passes that cover several days. So if you are planning to ski for more than a week, you should opt for a season pass. In this way, you can save money or at least get value for money. You can save even more money if you can purchase the season pass in advance. This is one of the important tips for first timers going to the snow.

Purchase Lift Tickets Online

If you want to buy your lift tickets but are keeping it for the last minute, you are making a big mistake. If you buy your lift tickets online in advance, you might save some money as some resorts offer lucrative discounts. For example, a three-day lift ticket during peak season at Perisher (New South Wales) costs up to $399, but if you buy online, you can pay as low as $332. If you are booking outside the peak season, you can save even more.

Booking Package is Beneficial

Ski packages have everything that you need such as accommodation and lift passes. These packages often give you value for money because you may have to pay more if you purchase everything separately. But this is something which is not obvious, and thus you need to go to several reputed websites to get the best hotel bargains.

Get Your Lunch

Yes, a meal made at home can be beneficial when you already have an overstretched wallet. Slope-side food is usually -not that tasty and quite expensive in comparison to other places. An ordinary burger along with fries and a soft drink can cost you more than $20. This way, a family of four can spend $80. Also, do not forget to bring your water bottle that is refillable.

Bring Your Stuff or Rent Offsite

We all know that resorts earn good amount of money from selling and renting ski clothing, goggles, skis and snowboards. But you can save your hard-earned money if you purchase your clothes during offseason and during sale. To get the important stuff at an appropriate price, you should look for stores that are away from the resorts. You can easily find several ski hire shops in towns and hiring the gear can be quite cheap.


The ways mentioned above can help you to lower the cost of your ski trip in New Zealand and Australia. All you need to do is look for smart ways to save your money so that you can spend that amount somewhere important. Start your research in advance and do it properly so that you can get the best deals and save as much money as possible.