2015 Freeride Sessions

Chicks with Stix will continue running their FREE weekend-long sessions at resorts around Australia. The sessions will consist of a three hour-long workshop on both the Saturday and Sunday (unless specified otherwise). Our general age bracket is 12-25 years old but we have chicks of all ages joining in!

Chicks under 10 years old will need to contact us if they are interested in taking part in the session. We require all participants to be independent and capable of skiing with a group of all ages.

The free ride sessions are designed to get more girls involved in freeskiing and snowboarding, that is park, pipe, moguls and big mountain. During the sessions, after warming up, we split into small groups and work on skills based on the demand.

In the terrain park it may be showing a group how to pop off a jump or slide a rail. Other times we may be teaching girls tricks such as spread eagles, grabs, 180s and 360s. Out of the park, we may work on mogul technique, short turns, long turns, how to read a slope, how to pop off natural features, skiing switch and sometimes basic things like how to tackle challenging terrain and conditions.

The sessions are based on what the group wants to do and we usually have 3-5 coaches for both skiing and boarding so we can get quite specific.

Session Dates 2015

MT HOTHAM: 18th July


MT BULLER: 1st-2nd August

THREDBO: September 5th-6th

Session Format (Sat and Sun)

9:30AM: Coaches arrive/ meet and greet at appointed meeting place. Participants need to arrive at least 15 minutes before departure so that we can split up into groups.

9:50AM: Quick pep talk followed by any announcements, e.g., meeting times, etc.

10:-10:30AM: Warm up- Skiers and boarders will ride as a group down some long groomers to warm up our legs and bodies in preparation for a big day.

10:30AM- 1PM: Skill development: Groups will split into skiers, boarders, moguls, jumping, park, pipe and free-ride (depending on the facilities at the mountain) and coaches. This will be a basic introduction into these disciplines and a chance for you to get a taste of what each discipline has to offer as well as chat to the coaches about their experiences.

1PM-1:30PM: Shredding will continue until 1.15 when the groups will come together at the meeting point again to award prizes of the CWS session awards and conclude the CWS session.

The sessions are designed to give you a chance to try something new, meet new lady shredders and get to know our coaches and ambassadors who’ve made skiing and snowboarding a part of their lives in one way or another.

Registration will open online on June 24th 2015. The number of riders that can participate is dependent on the number of coaches who can attend. To register click here.

Please send all enquiries to chickswithstix.skiing@gmail.com and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.




  1. Rachel Evans

    How do I register my daughter for the throwdown on Sunday at Hotham? It appears the page with info has disappeared.

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