What to Expect When Skiing in Australia and New Zealand

When it comes to skiing in Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand and Australia enjoy a healthy rivalry. There are numerous ski resorts in these two countries where people visit throughout the year. These places offer not only exceptional skiing experience but also a stunning scenic beauty. If Perisher is the biggest ski area in Australia (1245 hectares of terrain), New Zealand has Ruapehu’s Whakapapa resort in Northern Island (550 hectares). If AUS has the longest run (5.9-kilometre trail of Thredbo), NZ has the most vertical descent in Mount Ruapehu (Turoa side of 722 metres).

So, whether you go to Australia or New Zealand, you can expect a fantastic experience. Here’s a list of things that you can expect when you are travelling in this part of the world. Let’s have a look.

Several Options

Australia and New Zealand have around 30 to 40 good ski resorts. So, when you are looking for a particular resort, you have all the reasons to get confused. Few places are great for powder skiing, few have the best lifts, few have more snow, while few are off-piste. Many commercial ski fields offer exceptional nightlife while some places are value for money.

Quality Skiing

These ski resorts offer high-quality skiing. From excellent high points to rolling trails, the ski fields of Australia and New Zealand always has something that excites the experienced skiers and riders. Apart from the seasoned campaigners, these places also have sufficient space for the beginners and first timers so that their confidence can improve. If you do your research properly, there are many cost effective ways to ski in this part of the world.


Whether you visit The Remarkables, Cardrona, Treble Cone and Mt Hutt in New Zealand or Perisher, Falls Creek, Hotham and Thredbo in Australia, all these places offer basic and advanced level facilities to its visitors. These places have a medical centre, licensed cafes, accessory shop, snowboard and ski rentals, and snow sports school. Many places have childcare while some other provides ski lessons.

Scenic Beauty

The snowy mountains of Australia and New Zealand offer not only a high-quality skiing experience but also a stunning scenic beauty. Whether it is Cardrona, The Remarkables, and Treble Cone in NZ or Perisher, Falls Creek and Thredbo in AUS, all these places have their beauty and are different from each other.


Most of the ski fields of Australia and New Zealand have easy accessibility so that the visitors face minimum challenges to reach that place. For example, Mt. Hotham is around 4.5 hours drive from Melbourne and 8 hours drive from Sydney. Mt. Buller is just 3-hour drive from Melbourne. In New Zealand, Mt. Hutt – voted as the best ski resort of the country for four consecutive years – is around 30 minutes from Methven town while 90 minutes from Christchurch International Airport.

Important Safety Tips for Alpine skiing

Alpine skiing (also known as downhill skiing) is a popular sport across the globe and require sliding down of the slopes on the skis with heel binding that is fixed. This is different because, in other skiing, people use skis with free-heel bindings. Be it recreation or sport, Alpine skiing is usually practised in almost all Australian ski resorts. This promotes services like ski lifts, snow grooming, artificial snowmaking, and ski patrol. Did you know? Alpine skiing has been a part of the Winter Olympic Games since 1936.

Safety should be the primary concern

People often get injured during Alpine skiing, and the most basic types of injuries are those of the neck, knee, head, shoulder, hands and back. Thus, it is always advisable to workout and stays in shape before skiing to avoid these types of injury. Moreover, professionals, as well as doctors highly recommend ski helmets as head injuries during skiing can lead to permanent brain damage or even death.

So, skiers should be aware of their skill level and should use protection accordingly. During skiing season in Australia, thousands of people ski in a day, and two and four people on average require medical attention.

Here’s a list of important safety tips that are important and you should follow:

Get appropriate ski equipment

Try not to borrow equipment from friends and look to rent from the ski resort or a proper ski shop. When choosing equipment, make sure you have the correct boots size. Perfect fitting of your kit gives you more balance while skiing. There are many things first timers should know before going to snow.

Keep an eye on the weather

The temperature in snowfields between -6 and -1 degrees Celsius is considered as an ideal temperature for Alpine skiing. This is because anything below this temperature can make the skiing little uncomfortable. Also, high temperature also makes skiing condition poor and can make the ice very soft.

It is Important to take a break

It is quite natural to get tired when you’re skiing so whenever you feel tired, take a break and have some rest for a while. During the break, make sure you are eating and drinking anything that gives you energy as skiing burns a lot of your energy. There’s no need for that last run if you are exhausted. It’s always a better choice to quit; otherwise, you can have muscle injuries.

Know your limits

During Alpine skiing, trying something which you are not capable of is a stupid thing to do. It is a sign of overconfidence that can lead to severe injuries. So, try to avoid it at any cost! Trails are marked in different colours that indicate different level and skier stick to their limit and stay in control. Accidents happen when people get distracted.

Unknown Historical Facts about skiing in Australia

When people think about Australia, they think about the hot sun, beautiful beaches, Uluru or Ayers Rock, Red Desert, Kangaroos and so on. They often overlook the importance and popularity of snow skiing in Australia. Skiing and snowboarding at different NSW ski resorts and Victorian ski fields is something that attracts millions of people across the globe. The downhill skiing in Australia is extremely popular and cross country skiing in numerous ski fields is a common pastime. The popularity of skiing in Australia might not be as high as in parts of Europe and North America, but it offers great fun and unforgettable experience.

The Great Dividing Range is very old, so many mountains in that region are more rounded in comparison to the pointed peaks found in other countries. So, super steeps slopes, many cliffs and chutes are not common in the Australia ski resorts. There are many more things that you should know before planning your ski holidays. Knowing the history of skiing in Australia can help you plan your trip from a different perspective. Here’s a list of some interesting facts about the history of skiing in this part of the world.

  1. New South Wales (NSW) is Australia’s oldest ski fields, highest snow country, and largest resort. In 1861, Recreational skiing in Australia was started at Kiandra (NSW), when the gold miners execute their idea on the frozen hills near the town. The Kiandra Snow Shoe Club – the first and longest surviving club in the world was formed that year.
  2. One of the most stunning alpine locations in Australia is located at Cradle Mountain (Tasmania), where cross-country skiing is popular. Not many are aware of the fact that the Cradle Mountain comes under the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, declared in 1982 by UNESCO.
  3. When it comes to ski racing sport, Australia is a pioneer nation. Ski races have been conducted annually at Kiandra throughout the 19th Century. Kiandra snow shoe club (in NSW) is the oldest ski club in the world.
  4. In 1861, the skiing activity began in Australia at the Goldrush town of Kiandra. And the first ski tow was constructed in 1936 near Mount Buffalo (Victoria). It is one of the best places for skiing in Australia.
  5. Charles Anton was the founder of The Australian Alpine Club (1950). He recognised the potential of the Thredbo Valley for a resort and village, with excellent vertical terrain. With an intention to execute his planning, the construction started in 1957. Today, Thredbo possesses longest ski resort run in Australia, has 14 ski-lifts, the greatest vertical drop of 672 m and the highest lifted point at 2037 m.

Most Popular Family Ski Resorts in Australia

If you are tired of your monotonous life and want to spend some quality time with your family, a trip to Australian snowfields would be an ideal option. From ski schools to daycare, and restaurants to hotels, ski holiday family package are becoming more and more affordable. If you are planning for a ski trip with your family, it is essential to start your research in advance. Choose the best Australian ski resorts that are most suitable for a family and are also budget-friendly. Here are the top five Australian ski resorts that are highly recommended if you are planning to go out with your family. Let’s have a look:

Selwyn Snowfields

Selwyn Snowfields resort is an excellent option for an outing with your family on the commercial ski resorts of Australia, as it has a variety of winter activities for all age groups. For skiers and boarders, both alpine and cross-country skiing is available in addition to two new parks. To keep your family busy, there is also snow biking, adrenaline pumping snow tubing facilities, snowshoeing and other similar fun stuff. Selwyn also offers these experiences at lower prices in comparison to other snow resorts.


Perisher has several mountain peaks and beautiful snow villages with many restaurants and accommodations for families. The four terrain parks, super and mini pipes facilitate the advanced skiers and boarders and the ski and snowboard school of the resort take care of the kids, as young as six for snowboarding and four for skiing. Schools in Australia teach skiing and encourage their children so that they can follow this popular sport. Perisher also has a snow tube park and provides night skiing.

Lake Mountain

A quick 74 miles drive from Melbourne, Lake Mountain is a great option if your family likes to play in the snow. This place is highly recommended for a relaxed weekend and is dotted with seven toboggan runs, snowshoe tours, sled rides, great snowman making areas, and Nordic walking! The best thing about this place is that you can use the slopes for free! All you need to pay is only $27 (per car) at the gate.

Falls Creek

Falls Creek is a good option if your children come under the older age bracket. Highly rated for its kid’s-friendly facilities, this place has a fantastic kid’s snow sports school with many magic carpets. It also has 450 hectares of terrain including the beginner’s terrain so that your kids can easily learn skiing. It also has snow bikes, the best snow tubing park and various night snow activities. If you are looking for the best Australian ski fields and resorts for all ages, Falls Creek should top your list.

Mt Buller

If you are looking for a big ski resort near Melbourne, Mt Buller is a great place to visit. With plenty of pubs, restaurants, the alpine spa retreat and a cinema, this populated village offers numerous entertainment options for your family. Also, it is the most extensive network of trails due to its 25 lifts, a half pipe and rail park.

Biggest Ski Fields in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations for skiing in Southern Hemisphere. If you want to witness its outstanding landscapes, plan your trip in advance. But which are the best places to ski in New Zealand? The country offers many large ski areas and small club fields that provide a fantastic skiing experience. Do your research well and identify the places where you would like to go during the ski season – the North or the South Island. This part of the world has so many things to offer, you can explore them one by one. Here are the five best ski fields in New Zealand that will give you a thrilling experience. Let’s have a look:


Cardrona has something for everyone. From first timers to beginners, X Games and Olympic medalists, people love to visit this place that’s why Cardrona is one of the most popular ski areas in New Zealand. Thanks to an innovative snowmaking system and its efficient management, NZ hosts several top-level events throughout the year. This is undoubtedly one of the best ski fields in the country.

The Remarkables

The Remarkables is a highly recommended place for beginners to enhance their skills. The ski part of the field includes three mountain bowls that cover a total area of 540 acres. Whether you are coming for off-piste runs, family fun, or dedicated freestyle areas, this place will not disappoint you.


Located in the heart of the Southern Alps, Craigieburn is one of the most challenging ski fields. So, if you are planning to visit this place, make sure that you have some experience of skiing. With open powder bowls and narrow chutes, this place is a holy grail for expert riders.

Treble Cone

Perhaps the largest ski area in South Island of New Zealand, Treble Cone is a place that has a lot to offer to the advanced and expert riders. Famous for its long groomed slopes, adventurous off-piste and astonishing views, this is a fantastic place for skiing. Facilities like licensed cafes, medical centre, snowboard rentals, snow sports school, and accessory shops are also available here.

Mt Hutt

Voted as the best ski resort in New Zealand for the last four years, Mt Hutt offers excellent conditions, impressive terrains and exceptional kiwi hospitality. It is a perfect place for all types of skiers and is ideal for families. Numerous activities are available here for kids up to 10 years, and you can also visit the licensed cafes and bars to unwind on your trip.

5 Great Reasons to Go Skiing This Winter

If you are planning to go skiing this winter, keep an eye on Australia’s snow forecast. Also, take some concrete steps (like booking hotels and buying passes) before others start doing it and make it difficult for you to get value for money package. There are so many reasons to enjoy snow and go skiing in Australia this winter, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to only five. Let’s see why you should give it a go!

Skiing is beneficial for the health

Skiing is an excellent way to get fresh mountain air. This fresh air recharges your batteries by releasing the stress of daily life and ensures your well-being. It also works on the core muscle of the body that improves balance and posture of the body and increases the strength.

Improve your relation with friends and family

A ski holiday in Australia is an excellent opportunity to leave behind your work-related stress and spend some quality time with your dear ones. There are so many things you can do like exploring new terrain, exploring hidden powder fields together and challenging each other to try new routes. Irrespective of your age, planning a ski trip in Australia is an excellent way to make the bond stronger.

Excellent entertainment options

There’s plenty more to an Australia ski holiday than just skiing. The best places for skiing in Australia provide various entertainment options like:

  • Trivia Night
  • Movies
  • Magic Show
  • Live Music
  • Themed Parties

So, you can go for any of the options mentioned above, or shoot some pool in the games room. If you are an adventurous person and wants to slide down the slopes on the skies, then you must try Alpine Skiing. There are many ski resorts in Australia where you can discover your passion for skiing. Make sure you keep the important safety tips in mind and also follow their instructions carefully

Interact with New People

One of the best ways to interact with new people is by talking about a common interest. And what can be a better option than skiing? Start talking to a stranger on the chairlift and then ride down the mountain together. Who knows, you might end up making some close friends during your Australia ski holiday.

Connect with nature

It is always great to connect with nature. Standing on the top of a mountain and watching the scenic beauty before shooting down is a fantastic experience. The feeling of pure mountain air on your face is something that you can never experience in the city. The people obsessed with skiing strongly believe that skiing gives you the chance to explore nature in a way that you cannot find in any other activity.

Top-Rated Places to Ski in Australia

Get ready to dust off your ski boots, pack your bags, load up the car and embrace the cold weather! People often overlook the fact that Australia is one of the best places to ski. The snowfields of Australia give the skiers a unique experience of fresh snow with a stunning backdrop. So, do your research thoroughly and take advantage of the ski resorts that hardly take a few hours’ drive.

Let’s look at the places that will give you a mesmerising experience of skiing in Australia.


As Thredbo has the longest ski run in Australia, it is ideal for those who like long runs. But it is not the only things that attract tourists. Its off-piste action, several ski-in ski-out restaurants on the mountain, plenty of shops, bars and cafes also make it a fantastic place to enjoy snow.


Australia’s largest ski resort is made up of Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Blue Cow, and Guthega resort. It attracts thousands of tourists, but there is enough terrain to keep everyone happy and busy. The same village atmosphere of Perisher is different from its neighbour Thredbo, but more suitable for families, thanks to its self-sufficient lodges that have restaurants and bars. This is one of the best reasons why you should go skiing this winter.

Charlotte Pass

This excellent resort is only accessible through ski cat service from Perisher. Owing to its altitude (highest resort in Australia), one can expect the appropriate amount of snow in comparison to other resorts. Moreover, as it is ski-in-ski-out, it facilitates you to avoid the uncomfortable routine of carrying your equipment to the mountain daily.

Mt Buller

If you are coming from Melbourne, Mt. Buller is an excellent option for skiing in Australia. As the resort is a popular name among tourists and only a couple of hour drive, it gets busy on weekends. But if you don’t have any problems with crowds, this place is well worth the effort. Not only the location is excellent, but the high-tech lift let you move around the mountain smoothly.

Mt Hotham

Famous for its challenging terrain and steep verticals, Mt. Hotham is perfect for those who want a challenging ski holiday. It is one of its kinds because unlike traditional resorts, it is located on top of a mountain and not the bottom. It has an exciting mix of all types of terrain – intermediate, advanced and expert.

The places mentioned above are some of the best places in Australia for skiing. So before you decide any particular area, it is advisable to do a proper search so that you can get the best available deals.

Beginner’s Guide to Dress for Skiing

If you are planning to go for a ski, keeping yourself warm is an essential thing. You need a couple of layers of clothes to maintain the ideal temperature of the body so that you can stay physically active and enjoy skiing in the snowfields of New Zealand. But when you are wearing clothes, you need to make sure that you are using only those materials that can keep the sweat away from your skin. As you will stay super active, you are most likely to sweat.

The proper way to dress for skiing is to wear layers of clothes one by one – first, the base layer, then the mid layer and finally the outer layer. And do not forget to take measures to protect yourself. Here is a list of clothes you need to wear for skiing in New Zealand. Let’s have a look.

Base Layer

An effective base layer can make a massive difference in the snow. Synthetic fibre or wool is considered as the best option as the material retains its heat properties even when it’s wet. You will require a long-sleeved layer on top and a thin pants layer.

Mid Layer

This layer will act as a shield against the cold weather. Fleece fabrics would be an ideal option for your mid layer as they are warm, breathable, light and comfortable. Try to wear a full-zip jacket so that you can remove it if you feel too warm.

Outer Layer

You need an outer layer that is waterproof (both jacket and pants). If you visit the best ski fields in New Zealand, you will have the option to hire the stuff, and it’s a great way to keep the expenses low! Go for jackets that have several pockets to keep your gear and a hood to protect yourself from the cold, snowy days.


Do not go skiing without a pair of gloves as frostbite is a serious threat. Wear a thin glove liner below a thick glove designed for skiing. Regular glove won’t help you as ski gloves are thicker in comparison to ordinary gloves and have a special rubber lining for a comfortable grip.


Snow blindness is a serious issue and is painful, so do not forget to wear goggles. You can save your money somewhere else, but it is advisable to spend some extra money to purchase high-quality goggles. It will help you to navigate in cloudy conditions and protect you from flying debris and snow blindness.


Some of the ski places in New Zealand are challenging and that can cause serious head injury, if you are not wearing a helmet. A cap or hat can keep your head warm, but can’t protect from injuries. Apart from protection, if you want some added warmth, wear a fitted cap under your helmet.

Important tips for first timers going to the snow

Skiing is an exciting sport, and if you are for a skiing holiday in Australia, you can expect a wonderful experience and enough options in terms of locations. But if you are not prepared, you are most likely to spend more time in the queue, visiting the wrong place at the wrong time and struggling on your feet rather than whizzing down the mountain. So, if you are thinking of skiing for the first time, consider the following tips.

Plan your trip early

This is important if your vacation falls over a period when there is a break in the schools. You might struggle to find accommodation as Resorts and inns in Australia get booked quickly. So, if you want to spend the time to get attractive packages, start it as early as possible so that you enjoy your ski holiday in Australia to the maximum.

You don’t need professional-grade gear

People usually require three layers of clothing for skiing purpose – a base layer, a mid layer, and finally, a waterproof jacket and trousers. Apart from it, you will need a scarf, hat, ski gloves, helmet, goggles, and tall socks. It will be a huge mistake to buy all these stuff if you are doing it for the first time because you don’t whether you will love it or hate it. So, try to borrow things from friends, use you already have, rent stuff if possible and finally buy whatever is left.

Start workout

You don’t require six pack abs for skiing, but this particular activity is quite challenging and will need the strength of your body. It is difficult for an unfit person to last very long on the slopes, particularly a beginner. So start doing workout to have a wonderful experience of skiing in Australia.

Join a ski class

If you don’t know the basic of skiing but have already paid for different equipment rentals and lift passes, you have made a mistake. If you don’t want to waste your quality time on the slopes, go and try to learn the basics first. Asking different people and watching tutorial videos can be confusing. To save you time, book the class. There are some top Australian ski resorts for families that have such facilities.

Get proper sleep to stay fresh

This may sound a very basic and obvious tip, but this is indeed a crucial one. Beginners often have the temptation to stay up late and enjoy the nightlife. They also experiment with foods and drinks, and that can cause health issue, and you don’t want that. Eat something light and healthy and go to bed early. This will make you more active the next morning.

Important Tips For Teaching Kids To Ski

Learning the art of skiing is a challenging task for adults, but when it comes to teaching kids, it becomes even more challenging. It is a slow procedure and needs lots of practice and patience. The right approach to teach your children skiing is to develop the basic understanding for the sport. It is crucial as professional ski lessons are not always helpful, especially when the kids are too young. Use the following tips and tricks to create an ideal environment where the kids can quickly grasp the techniques of skiing. Let’s have a look.

Let Them Play

Kids who are physically fit and more active are quick in learning. So, let them play in the snowfields of New Zealand and do not stop them. Just keep a close watch to ensure they do not get any serious injury. Experts believe that it helps the kids to become more familiar with the surroundings and they develop a natural curiosity for skiing.

Teach Them To Skate Before Skiing

One of the essential activities your kids should learn before trying skiing is skating. In-line skating or ice skating prepares them physically and improves their reflexes. Skating also enhances the balance of the body.

Work On The Basics

Skiing requires some crucial movements like stopping and turning. So, the kids need to master these skills before putting their next step forward. They need to flawlessly execute these basic movements because these skills will protect them from crashing into something or someone during skiing in the fields of New Zealand.

No Need To Rush

Learning to ski is a time-consuming process, so allow your kids to take as much time as they want. The important thing is that they should love skiing on the Alpines and only then they will enjoy it thoroughly. Putting pressure can develop a sense of burden, and it would be difficult to change.

Come Equipped

Whenever you head to the mountains, always remember that preparation is important. And it becomes more critical when you are going with kids for skiing in New Zealand for the first time. So, it is advisable to carry an extra set of  skiing gear and clothes. If your kids are old enough, you can also opt for the professional classes.


The tips mentioned above will help you to create a healthy environment for the kids where they can learn about skiing and more importantly, generate interest in the sport. Being a parent, it is your job to guide your kids properly and let them enjoy.