Beginner’s Guide to Dress for Skiing

If you are planning to go for a ski, keeping yourself warm is an essential thing. You need a couple of layers of clothes to maintain the ideal temperature of the body so that you can stay physically active and enjoy skiing in the snowfields of New Zealand. But when you are wearing clothes, you need to make sure that you are using only those materials that can keep the sweat away from your skin. As you will stay super active, you are most likely to sweat.

The proper way to dress for skiing is to wear layers of clothes one by one – first, the base layer, then the mid layer and finally the outer layer. And do not forget to take measures to protect yourself. Here is a list of clothes you need to wear for skiing in New Zealand. Let’s have a look.

Base Layer

An effective base layer can make a massive difference in the snow. Synthetic fibre or wool is considered as the best option as the material retains its heat properties even when it’s wet. You will require a long-sleeved layer on top and a thin pants layer.

Mid Layer

This layer will act as a shield against the cold weather. Fleece fabrics would be an ideal option for your mid layer as they are warm, breathable, light and comfortable. Try to wear a full-zip jacket so that you can remove it if you feel too warm.

Outer Layer

You need an outer layer that is waterproof (both jacket and pants). If you visit the best ski fields in New Zealand, you will have the option to hire the stuff, and it’s a great way to keep the expenses low! Go for jackets that have several pockets to keep your gear and a hood to protect yourself from the cold, snowy days.


Do not go skiing without a pair of gloves as frostbite is a serious threat. Wear a thin glove liner below a thick glove designed for skiing. Regular glove won’t help you as ski gloves are thicker in comparison to ordinary gloves and have a special rubber lining for a comfortable grip.


Snow blindness is a serious issue and is painful, so do not forget to wear goggles. You can save your money somewhere else, but it is advisable to spend some extra money to purchase high-quality goggles. It will help you to navigate in cloudy conditions and protect you from flying debris and snow blindness.


Some of the ski places in New Zealand are challenging and that can cause serious head injury, if you are not wearing a helmet. A cap or hat can keep your head warm, but can’t protect from injuries. Apart from protection, if you want some added warmth, wear a fitted cap under your helmet.

Important tips for first timers going to the snow

Skiing is an exciting sport, and if you are for a skiing holiday in Australia, you can expect a wonderful experience and enough options in terms of locations. But if you are not prepared, you are most likely to spend more time in the queue, visiting the wrong place at the wrong time and struggling on your feet rather than whizzing down the mountain. So, if you are thinking of skiing for the first time, consider the following tips.

Plan your trip early

This is important if your vacation falls over a period when there is a break in the schools. You might struggle to find accommodation as Resorts and inns in Australia get booked quickly. So, if you want to spend the time to get attractive packages, start it as early as possible so that you enjoy your ski holiday in Australia to the maximum.

You don’t need professional-grade gear

People usually require three layers of clothing for skiing purpose – a base layer, a mid layer, and finally, a waterproof jacket and trousers. Apart from it, you will need a scarf, hat, ski gloves, helmet, goggles, and tall socks. It will be a huge mistake to buy all these stuff if you are doing it for the first time because you don’t whether you will love it or hate it. So, try to borrow things from friends, use you already have, rent stuff if possible and finally buy whatever is left.

Start workout

You don’t require six pack abs for skiing, but this particular activity is quite challenging and will need the strength of your body. It is difficult for an unfit person to last very long on the slopes, particularly a beginner. So start doing workout to have a wonderful experience of skiing in Australia.

Join a ski class

If you don’t know the basic of skiing but have already paid for different equipment rentals and lift passes, you have made a mistake. If you don’t want to waste your quality time on the slopes, go and try to learn the basics first. Asking different people and watching tutorial videos can be confusing. To save you time, book the class. There are some top Australian ski resorts for families that have such facilities.

Get proper sleep to stay fresh

This may sound a very basic and obvious tip, but this is indeed a crucial one. Beginners often have the temptation to stay up late and enjoy the nightlife. They also experiment with foods and drinks, and that can cause health issue, and you don’t want that. Eat something light and healthy and go to bed early. This will make you more active the next morning.

Important Tips For Teaching Kids To Ski

Learning the art of skiing is a challenging task for adults, but when it comes to teaching kids, it becomes even more challenging. It is a slow procedure and needs lots of practice and patience. The right approach to teach your children skiing is to develop the basic understanding for the sport. It is crucial as professional ski lessons are not always helpful, especially when the kids are too young. Use the following tips and tricks to create an ideal environment where the kids can quickly grasp the techniques of skiing. Let’s have a look.

Let Them Play

Kids who are physically fit and more active are quick in learning. So, let them play in the snowfields of New Zealand and do not stop them. Just keep a close watch to ensure they do not get any serious injury. Experts believe that it helps the kids to become more familiar with the surroundings and they develop a natural curiosity for skiing.

Teach Them To Skate Before Skiing

One of the essential activities your kids should learn before trying skiing is skating. In-line skating or ice skating prepares them physically and improves their reflexes. Skating also enhances the balance of the body.

Work On The Basics

Skiing requires some crucial movements like stopping and turning. So, the kids need to master these skills before putting their next step forward. They need to flawlessly execute these basic movements because these skills will protect them from crashing into something or someone during skiing in the fields of New Zealand.

No Need To Rush

Learning to ski is a time-consuming process, so allow your kids to take as much time as they want. The important thing is that they should love skiing on the Alpines and only then they will enjoy it thoroughly. Putting pressure can develop a sense of burden, and it would be difficult to change.

Come Equipped

Whenever you head to the mountains, always remember that preparation is important. And it becomes more critical when you are going with kids for skiing in New Zealand for the first time. So, it is advisable to carry an extra set of  skiing gear and clothes. If your kids are old enough, you can also opt for the professional classes.


The tips mentioned above will help you to create a healthy environment for the kids where they can learn about skiing and more importantly, generate interest in the sport. Being a parent, it is your job to guide your kids properly and let them enjoy.